Shilajeet Facial Kit (250 gm)

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Shilajeet Facial Kit (250 gm)

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ANASHWARA FACIAL KIT Procedure of Application 

STEP-1 : FACIAL CLEANSER Gently apply Anashwara Cleanser on moistened skin in circular movements on the face and neck area. Rinse thoroughly or clean with moist cotton. 

STEP-2 : FACIAL SCRUB Take sufficient quantity of Anashwara Scrub, apply on the face and neck area and massage for 2- 3 minutes in clockwise and anti clock wise directions then cleansed with damp cotton. 

STEP-3 : FACIAL MASSAGE GEL Take sufficient quantity of Anashwara facial massage Gel, apply on the face and neck area and massage gently with firm hands. 

STEP-4 : FACIAL MASSAGE CREAM Apply Anashwara facial massage cream and gently massage till it get absorb in the skin. Apply for 10-15 minutes for best result. Remove residue (if any) with damp cotton. 

STEP-5 : FACIAL Face pack Take suffcient quantity of Anashwara Face Pack and apply a thick layer on the face and neck area leaving eye area and leave it until it gets dried or atleast for 15-20 mins. Use a cool, wet tissue to gently remove the face pack. Wash the face with Anashwara Goldel Glow Face Wash face wash for Better results. 

Available : Golden Glow Facial Kit, Shilajeet Facial Kit & Bottle Gourd Facial Kit ?

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