Arthosurg Pain Relieving Oil

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Bio Resurge Arthosurg Pain Relieving Oil 60 ML(For Relief In Pain And Improves Lubrications In Joints)

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Is your joint and muscle in pain.
Use Bio Resurge "Arthosurg Pain Relieving Oil" for quick relief.


  • Immediately penetrates the skin to provide considerable relief in pain and improves lubrications in joints

  • Strengthens bones and muscles to improve endurancel

  • Contains Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Clove oil that enhance local blood circulation to reduce swelling and pain

  • Gandhpura and Karpur oil act as counter irritant, are quickly absorbed for instant pain relief

  • Shallaki, Harshringar & Ambahaldi acts as a strong anti- inflammatory agent

  • Can be used on any body part or joint. Not to be applied on open wounds and cuts

  • Feel a considerable reduction in pain from a single time use

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